Download and share files with this cool P2P tool


  • Fast searching
  • Online radio
  • Lots of content at your disposal
  • Create your own chatrooms


  • Some of the chat features are a little quirky

Very good

The hoo-hah surrounding the closure of Napster all those years ago now seems like a distant memory. At the time, users were literally crying that they would no longer be able to share files for nothing over the Internet. As it turned out, they needn't have worried because since then we've seen countless P2P clients come and go. Aside from being the world's first radio-enabled peer-to-peer software, FileCroc doesn't bring anything new to the table, however, it does combine a wealth of useful features with a smart GUI.

With shades of Ares about it, FileCroc works through a decentralised network with more than 50 million users, meaning that you invariably find what you're looking for and transfer times are pretty quick. It can even be used to download Torrent files, giving it extra bonus points in my book. Thanks to its drag-and-drop control method, it's dead easy to start sharing files with the program from the get-go.

Besides just giving you a platform to share files, FileCroc also includes a smart chat facility, with the ability to create your own rooms and host files within them. You also get a neat built-in player that lets you preview and play songs before they download. I've heard some grumblings before about an adware toolbar called 'Navelex,' which installs automatically with the client, but I found no sign of it in this version.

If you want a fully-featured P2P client with a fast search facility then FileCroc could be just the thing you're looking for.

FileCroc is a free peer-to-peer file sharing software, connected to a decentralized network with more than 50 million users. FileCroc allows you to share any digital file including images, audio, video, software and documents. FileCroc can share and download any type of file!

FileCroc is the world's first radio enabled P2P software and it may also be used to join chatrooms and meet new friends. FileCroc allows you to host your own chatroom and have your friends join it. Any user who joins a chatroom have an option to pubblish her shared library so that other users can see it and download from it.

FileCroc features a multimedia player that supports movie and music files. You can also easily organize your playlist, and preview files while their download is in progress. FileCroc supports mouse drag-and-drop operations, you can easily add files in it by simply dragging them over the main window.




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